Josh Luchs – Recovering Sports Agent


Josh Luchs began his career as a sports agent at the tender age of nineteen. Young, driven and smart, he had already forged the connections needed to begin his career. Unfortunately in his mid-20’s, Luchs lost both his parents within months of each other. The balance between dealing with personal tragedy, losing a potential big client, and catering to the superficial needs of young athletes put him in a position where he began to re-evaluate his life and career decisions. Eight years later, he was...Read More>>

Don’t Bash The Messenger

Tell-all agent Josh Luchs could have a Canceco-like impact |


Is Josh Luchs another Jose Canseco? That’s a succinct way to assess the potential impact of Luch’s admission in last week’s SI (Confessions of an Agent, Oct.18) that he paid more than 30 college players in two decades as an NFL agent.

In Canceco’s book Juiced , published in 2005, the former major league...Read More>>

Comic Strip as Featured in the Los Angeles Times October 16, 2010

Confessions of an Agent

I will never forget the first time I paid a player.There are moments you will always remember, like your first kiss or your first home run or the day you met your wife. For me, the first time I broke an NCAA rule to try to land a client is just as indelible.It was before the 1990 football season, and I flew from Los Angeles to Denver and drove to the University of Colorado to try to meet with Kanavis McGhee. He was a big, pass-rushing linebacker who was expected to be a high pick in the 1991 NFL draft. I was 20 years old...Read More>>